Will Declining Tablet Sales Increase Laptop Overall Sales?

Jaycee De Guzman August 7, 2014 0
Will Declining Tablet Sales Increase Laptop Overall Sales?

A few years ago, tablet sales sky rocketed temporarily slowing down laptop overall sales, but recently, Best Buy’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hubert Joly is considering that the tablet’s recent declining sales trend is the start of the laptop’s comeback.

Declining Tablet Sales

The CEO of Best buy stated that laptop overall sales are somewhat on its revival phase, and this is due to it becoming more versatile. He also emphasized that IDC estimates show that tablet sales worldwide only grew 11 % in the second quarter year-over-year, a great decline compared to last year’s (2012 to 2013) 60 % overall growth. Last year, Apple was one of the worst hit when sales fell 9.3 %, Samsung’s growth on the other hand was relatively flat and even Amazon didn’t even make the list of the top five vendors that year.

Device Upgrades

Will Declining Tablet Sales Increase Laptop Overall Sales? Joly said that the overall tablet sales of last year showed high promise in the beginning causing a big decline in laptop overall sales. Consumers got caught up in the hype and bought models of said tablets early, but then realize that there is no really any urgent need for them to replace their devices even if new models were released. Many consumers realized that newer models just may be a bit lighter, thinner, and faster but still offer the same purpose. The CEO even added that the initial boom of said tablet devices and its after sales became more like a replacement market, rather than upgrading to a higher level of innovation.

Innovative Comeback

According to Joly, many years ago the PC was also considered a replacement market, its presence is greatly affected because Microsoft already ended Windows XP support that led users to upgrade and replace their outdated devices. The CEO also mentioned that the company’s two-in-one units, namely the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is bridging the lines between whether it is a laptop or a tablet. According to him, these devices are very appealing to young consumers like students. Joly even said that whether it is a tablet or whether it is a laptop, he concluded that it’s both and emphasized this is why the laptop is having its comeback.

Hybrid Laptop-Tablet Units

The full effect of the laptop’s comeback may not yet be felt significantly soon, and PC sales aren’t taking off yet either. IDC estimates even reveal that during the last quarter sales, PC units fell by almost 1.7 % year-over-year. The reality about laptop overall sales are, consumers will not replace said devices as often as other devices like smart phones, but it is safe to say that laptops or hybrid laptop-tablets are still going to get much interest.

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