Our Team

We would like you to meet our team of dedicated writers bringing  you the latest in gadget  news.

Wayne Bond


Wayne is an Aussie native, and web guru that has successfully administered and owned hundreds of credible websites throughout the Internet. He settled into Taylor, Michigan about 12 years ago and has fallen in love with the United States. He prides himself in providing users with the ultimate experience, and strives to stand apart from any competition by giving the users what they really need, want, and deserve -when it comes to various types of media, information, resources, and news. Wayne can be contacted at wayne@ratinglaptops.com

Justin Curtis

JustinA tech-loving blogger from Central California who loves innovation, intuitive design, and the entrepreneur spirit. When not writing about the newest gadgets and productivity tools, he is spending time with his family, probably by teaching his 3-year-old how to use his iPad to learn the alphabet. Justin can be contacted at justin@ratinglaptops.com


Mary Radford

MaryThis tech savvy lady from New York is currently pursuing her masters in computer science in LA, CA. She has been writing reviews and articles for different web sites for the last six years She has an in depth knowledge of all the gadgets and apps available. If you would like to contact Mary you can do so at mary@ratinglaptops.com


Mark Bailey

MarkMark is a feature writer and reviewer for the technology industry. His area of expertise is in the eco-system surrounding that great Apple tree in Cupertino. We are pleased to have Mark write for Rating Laptops.  Mark can be contacted at mark@ratinglaptops.com


Jason Taylor

JasonJason is an all-around geek who loves learning new stuff every day. With a background in computer science and a passion for web-based technologies and Gadgets, Jason focuses on writing about Web Trends, Smartphones and Tablets. Jason can be contacted at Jason@ratinglaptops.com


Steven Baker

StevenSteven has completed his Bachelor’s in Information Sciences and is a former New Yorker who has now joined Wayne at rating laptops in Taylor Michigan and has been covering desktop and portable computing plus software and component technologies since 2005. He is an expert when it comes to writing articles about mobile electronics technologies,car audio, personal navigation (GPS), telematics and is completely crazy about new age laptops and touch smart phones. Steven can be contacted at steven@ratinglaptops.com