Security tips for laptop software and tools

Jasmina Lozevska December 2, 2014 0
Security tips for laptop software and tools

You will be surprised to hear that there is a bunch of laptop software which helps in the prevention you laptop to be stolen. There are also some tools which you should consider just as a preventive measure.

Millions of laptops are stolen every year. Owners fear that their laptops might be stolen and the data inside it will be used. We will give you some tips for security and preventive measures and tracking tools, both hardware and software.

First, let’s start from the software which can help you. Some software plays an alarm sounds, detects motions to prevent your laptop from being stolen, and if it happens, it offers help to protect your data inside.

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LAlarm is an application for Windows OS. It is able to set different alarms to prevent theft. Some of the alarms are perimeter alarm, alarm for battery, alarm for theft, alarm for destruction of data or for recovery, alarm for the disk, alarm when there is lack of attention, and many more. This application is impressive in many ways and it is free.

Laptop Alarm is another application that alerts laptop owners in three cases: when the laptop cable is unplugged, when someone removes the mouse and when someone shuts the laptop down. It is not free and it works only with laptops with Windows OS.

Another software tool to protect your data is LaptopLock. It keeps your data and whenever it detects that the laptop is stolen it deletes all data and launch programs. It is also an encryption tool.

There are special encryption tools, for instance TrueCrypt. These tools are helpful if your hack is subject to hackers. If you use TrueCrypt, or similar tool, as part of your laptop software, in case when your laptop is stolen he will be unable to access your personal data.

Yawncam is laptop software for webcams which turns laptop camera into recognition tool and enables it to recognize motion. This tool has an option to send automatically emails and upload images whenever it captures them.

Apart from laptop software tools there are particular hardware tools that can help you to protect your data and your laptop from getting stolen. You can use either both or only one, but it is recommendable to use them both if you often go out with your laptop.

A security lock for your laptop or a Bluetooth alarm are good tools that help in the prevention of theft. A security lock for your laptop is not expensive and you can find it in any computer store. A Bluetooth tool can be used for any device you want to protect in your home. Nio Bluetooth device causes an alarm to go on when the laptop or the device it is attached to goes out of specified area or zone.

Apart from these preventive measures, in case your laptop is subject to theft, you can track it with a laptop software called Prey, which tracks your laptop.

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