Ryerson University Presents Program based on laptop Loans

Jasmina Lozevska October 1, 2014 0
Ryerson University Presents Program based on laptop Loans

The Ryerson University Library now offers many laptops, including Apple’s Mac computers, on loan through the circulation desk. All students who need this kind of service can use the computers up to 4 hours during the open time of the Library. The students who want to borrow a laptop need to submit an online agreement form for the loan. This is a one-time job and it will be required from every student who will get a laptop on loan for the first time. For more information about this new loan offered by the Ryerson University please read the policy below.


The user in need of a laptop is obligated to agree on every legal liability for the repair cost or replacement if they damage or lose the laptop. Excuses like “I found it that way”, “it got stolen” and something similar won’t be tolerated. The library won’t take the responsibility for losing useful files due to hardware failure, viruses or network interruptions.


All students who are part of the Ryerson University programs are eligible for loaning a library laptop. They only need a valid library card that will enable them to take a laptop on loan. These students need to have great history with the library with no outrageous fines over $20. Identity verification is required.

You can borrow only one laptop at a time.

laptop Loans


All laptops are available for the students to be loaned on “first-come – first-served” system. Laptops are available to every student for a 4 hour period and outside of the library. The students can’t take the laptops home. The laptops must be returned 30 minutes before the library closes.


Every student who took a laptop must return it in person. At the end of his 4-hour period the student will have a permission to check the laptop once again to see if he forgot some files stored on the computer. This permit is given if there is no one else waiting to loan a laptop.


Every student will be fined for overdues. The fines are $20 per hour and they will apply even if you are late few minutes. All students need to return their laptops on time in order to avoid being fined.

The user claims full responsibility if the laptop is damaged. The replacement fine is $1,500.

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