Review of latest edition by HP: Stream 11

Jasmina Lozevska December 17, 2014 0
Review of latest edition by HP: Stream 11

The time when a cheap notebook meant low quality is now gone, the new HP Stream 11 breaks that rule. It is one of those notebooks that give you what you would expect from a notebook. Cheap notebooks used to last for a very short time, they were very slow and difficult to use. In other words they were something you would never give to someone you care about.

Windows has withdrawn from the production of cheap notebooks. Since it was criticized for its cheap tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks, it went into producing cheap laptops, after the realization that cheap laptops are not very difficult to be designed. They designed a device that is definitely a value for money.

Windows 8.1 has been developed by Microsoft and upgraded to a platform suitable for any device. Microsoft has also tried on the software market for desktop computers. The newest invention of Microsoft is software for desktop computers that does not require power. This was an announcement that Microsoft was coming back to the cheap laptops market and this time it is worth the money. HP Stream 11 is the new notebook by Microsoft. It satisfies all your needs and it possesses everything you would expect a Microsoft device to have, except the high price.


The new HP device does not come in normal silver, black or white color, but in pink and blue. That does not give the impression that it is for business people. It is good for using it at home, but not on a conference or a business meeting. It is made of plastic in a combination of matte and polka dot texture. HP Stream 11 is light weighted and thick.

Apart from the color, it is just like all other notebooks. There is an USB port and HDMI port on one of the sides, and there is a slot for SD card on the other side. At the bottom of the notebook, there is a space for speakers and of course a web cam, which is not very good, but at least it is functional.

The display is 11.6 inches, just like any other display of a notebook. Sometimes customers want to see things on a larger screen but that is what they have paid for. The battery lasts from five to six hours. What costumers find annoying is the trackpad. They describe the device as perfect value for money, but the trackpad is the thing that should be a little bit improved. It is described as too much sensitive and slow to recognize movements.

What is inside is an Intel Celeron processor with 2 GB RAM. It performs well, coordinately with the price.

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