Review of 2014 laptops – What’s new in the computer industry?

Wayne October 9, 2014 0
Review of 2014 laptops – What’s new in the computer industry?

Every year the computer industry evolves and brings something new, this time we will discuss mainly about what’s new with laptops and present to you a honest review of 2014 laptops. First, when we look for a laptop, we should always aim for a long lasting battery, fortunately for us this year, it is in the MacBook Air, offering us a long life battery together with a nice and light design. Its price ranges from $999-$899 (Amazon). But if you work outside and you need to be connected all the time then this may be a really good option for you.

With Apple laptops, we know that their laptops are very powerful and if you are looking for power then the Apple MacBook Pro is perfect for you. With the same stylish and light design, this laptop offers the capacity to handle the most complex projects better than any other laptop in 2014. The unique not so nice thing; the price. It may cost you from $1500 up to $1850.

But if you are looking for something “more like a tablet, less like a laptop”, then the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a must! From 2013, Microsoft has wanted to revolutionize the way the person acts with the computer and the operating system. The Surface Pro 3 now allows the use of a digital pen, also its super thin design makes it very cool good-looking. The price for this one is a bit cheaper than the others mentioned above, you can buy it from $799.

And what about the money? Don’t worry, it has been an important aspect for the computer industry this year because they know we all not have the same budgets! That’s why the Asus Transformer Book T100 was invented, being its main feature the price ($280). But cheap does not mean bad and the Asus Transformer is here to show it. Following the Microsoft’s trend, this laptop is more like a tablet, the operating system is Windows 8.1 and is super light and easy to manage. Definitively, this is a laptop for teenagers or you may use it in your spare time but for serious work it may not be your best option. As you can see, this year has been full of surprises in the world of laptops, offering many improved features like long life battery, a modern design or simply more power for the people that need it.

Hope this review of 2014 laptops resulted useful and pleasant to read for you, see you next time!

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