Why You Should Have A Portable Hard Drive

Wayne September 25, 2014 0
Why You Should Have A Portable Hard Drive

Why You Should Have A Portable Hard Drive

Portable hard drives, also known as external hard drives are able to connect to your laptop by means of a USB (which is the most common way) or Firewire connections. If ever you find yourself asking the question “Do I need a portable hard drive for my laptop” then take these reasons to consider.


From the word itself, portability will serve as your best friend when you purchase a portable hard drive for your laptop. Portable hard drives are easy to carry around and will consume only a small space in your bag. They are also light and can be plugged into any other computer, making it accessible in any means possible.

 *Large Space

Let’s admit it. A laptop’s storage will never be enough especially for those people who have huge content including music, movies, and other files of the like. In having a portable hard drive, you will be able to solve your “low on space” problems by providing you extra space, some of which are actually larger than the storage of your laptop.

 *Easy To Use

Portable hard drives are also very easy to use. Commonly, it doesn’t need to be installed and can be used the instant you plug it into your laptop or desktop computer. Firewire and USB devices are detected automatically by the computer the moment you connect it. “Plug and play” as some people dub it. In addition, it is supported with different operating systems such as Windows and Apple.

 *High Speed

Another good thing about external hard drives is that they are operating in high speed. Copying large files are made easy with a portable hard drive. This means that you can also work faster, thus being more productive in the process.

 *Online Safety

Uploading your files online is not always that secure and safe. Relying on the cloud will only expose you from hackers, Internet viruses, worms, and the like. That’s why it is more practical when you depend on your portable hard drive and just store all your files there. Forget about those backups and cloud storage because they might cause you some problems that can affect you economically.

 *Added Safety

A good feature of portable hard drives is that they offer additional security features such as integrated fingerprint reader. This means that it’s only you who can open the hard drive so you can reduce the risk of your files being stolen by other people. You can also protect specific files from users that are not unauthorized. By doing this, other users can never access your files which you restrict them to see.

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