How to pick the right laptop for child

Jasmina Lozevska January 13, 2015 0
How to pick the right laptop for child

You feel like you haven’t bought your kid the present he has been expecting? – Even though Christmas is over you can always spend some extra bucks for your kid. It doesn’t matter if this official present giving season is over (or not?) there isn’t a bad time for giving your child a laptop. If you don’t know how to choose the best laptop for your kid we are here to help you out to pick the best choice. January sales are coming and here is what steps you should follow.

Step 1: Ask the teachers.

The teacher will tell you whether your child needs a laptop for his educational purposes or not. With this world going forward you would probably consider buying an educational laptop that will support the technology at the school. Don’t consider this advice as an absolute because the best choice and school’s opinion can be 2 different things. However, you should start from somewhere.

Step 2: Ask your child.

He will always have those gaming laptops on mind, but you should use your power to tell them what’s good for them. If they already have an iPhone or iPad or even an iPod they are totally in the game of Apple products. He will definitely ask for a MacBook. Decide whether he needs it or it’s just thrown money for an expensive toy.


Step 3: OS decider.

If you asked me few years ago I would go with Windows without hesitation. Now things are changed and this could be the hardest job. Windows still has that old school place where you buy a windows for every purpose, but Apple with its iPads and iPhones changed the game. Computing power and its sensible and practical choice featured in the MacBooks are crucial for some. The only problem here is that even the cheapest MacBooks are more expensive than some good Windows laptops. This leads to the fact that maybe your child isn’t prepared for the power of the MacBook.

Step 4: Don’t get into specifications too much.

I can bet that your kid can’t tell the difference between processors, graphic cards, etc. Aim for something that has i5 or i3 processors, good RAM and 500GB of storage space. Calculate your budget and pick something that will suit your child.

Step 5: Avoid touchscreens

Your kid probably is not ready for a touchscreen because … he is a kid. Touchscreen might trick you into buying the laptop, but it will save you lots of money if you avoid it.

Step 6: Size, battery life and weight.

Because it’s your kid we are talking about he will probably carry the laptop with him to school. Choosing size and weight over look is always first and choosing battery life over specification is practical. I think you can see the difference without us telling you why we put this as step 6.

It’s your choice.


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