PC Advisor’s Laptop Manufacturer Reliability Poll Results

Jaycee De Guzman August 7, 2014 0
PC Advisor’s Laptop Manufacturer Reliability Poll Results

PC Advisor, a well known technological website ran a laptop manufacturer reliability poll that lasted for 2 weeks. The website’s readers  chose from a list of laptop makes that the said website tested and featured. PC Advisor is a well known website with thousands of followers and readers. Many readers often ask about which devices are reliable and which one will be worth buying.

Laptop Popularity

Today, laptops are considered much more popular by consumers than PC desktops. This is because of its portability that enables users to lessen their downtime in their busy schedules. In choosing which make and model to buy, many rely on reviews and advices from websites like PC Advisor. There are certainly a wide variety of options to select from, and can be sometimes confusing. Often, such websites provide reviews of specific laptop models, and often these reviews are based on the laptop’s performance, overall build, specifications, and of course price.

Online Reviews and Testing

PC Advisor’s Laptop Manufacturer Reliability Poll ResultsWeb sites like PC Advisor also provide laptop buying advice for their readers. Unfortunately, said reviews and testing can only do much, reliability is an impossible aspect of laptop models to be tested by said websites. Laptop performance and overall reliability are very important, and only after long term use can the real verdict be made if said devices are worth it. This is why PC Advisor conducted the laptop manufacturer reliability poll.

Reliability Poll Results

The main purpose of PC Advisor’s poll is to get the feedbacks from their users, and find out which laptop manufacturers are reliable from the viewer’s point of view. The poll data were gathered after two weeks and the Apple brand came top on the list when it came to reliability. A total of 19 % chose Apple, the second place went to Dell with 12 %, followed by Asus and HP and Asus with both getting 11 % of the votes.

The Best Reviwers

Though basically this laptop manufacturer reliability poll can never be considered a scientific research, no one can deny that the best reviewers of these laptops are their long term users. Respondents of the said polls either used,  or are still using the said devices longer than any website tester.

The Best Purchase

PC Advicor stated that if any laptop brand appears on top of their list, this only means that a good number of consumers voluntarily expressed their thoughts on the reliability of their laptops. PC Advisor is hoping that this laptop manufacturer reliability poll can help guide consumers in selecting the best laptop for themselves.

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