Laptop care essentials

Jasmina Lozevska November 17, 2014 0
Laptop care essentials

Providing a good laptop care is very important for your computer. People are more careful around their brand new laptops. The excitement itself leads to better care of new laptops. However, if your laptop is getting old, it does not mean that it requires less care, on the opposite, it requires more care. If you neglect your laptop as it is getting old, it would mean lots of repairs or in the worst case, need for a new laptop. Here are several laptop care essentials you should consider for your computer.

It is very important to keep your laptop clean. Hygiene starts with appropriate cleaning. If you wash your hands before using your laptop, you will prevent damaging and physical repairs of your computer. This should be especially used by engineers and people whose job includes working on a computer. Keeping food and drink away from your laptop is another additional preventive measure, as well as washing your hands before using it. However, you should be careful when you clean your computer. Do not clean it in a hurry or in 5 minutes. Cleaning takes time to be properly done, otherwise it will be pointless. Another important thing is to clean it regularly, in particular periods of time. The keyboard should be used with a toothbrush or any other soft brush and with gentle moves, and of course you should do it carefully.

In order to keep the screen of your laptop shining, you should clean it with microfiber clothing or a cleaner for glasses. They are easy to be found. Regarding the cleaning solution, you can even make a homemade solution for cleaning. Mix a distilled water with and vinegar in 50/50 proportion. By using a spray bottle you can apply it on a cloth and clean the laptop. Do not let your laptop to be in direct contact with any liquid.

Laptop care

Temperature and cord of a laptop are very important part for maintenance of your laptop. However, people do not look at them as important features for maintenance. Another important part is the charger of the laptop. It gives life to your machine in the real sense. Considering the charger that way, you should look after it properly. You should not pull the charger out from the wall from a distance. Pull it out by holding it to the end part. Unplug the charger when you do not use the laptop and do not leave your laptop shutdown with plugged charger. Prevent it from rolling over the chair or over some other objects.

Room temperature is another enemy that should be taken care of. Computers are designed to be used at normal room temperature and you should bear in mind that leaving your laptop on extreme cold or hot temperatures means cutting its life.

Looking after the battery of your laptop will continue its life. Do not let your laptop battery to be overcharged. It will only cause damage. Do not use your laptop when the battery is almost completely out of power. Wait to be a little filled up, and then continue using the laptop. Do not close the lid before you put your laptop to sleeping mode or shutting down mode.

Last but not the least, it is important to understand that laptops are not created to be used on your lap. They need to breathe. Placing them on a hard surface will leave them space to breathe. You should dedicate enough time for laptop care if you want to have your laptop for a longer period of time.

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