HP’s latest laptop becomes massive hit among tech fans

Jasmina Lozevska January 2, 2015 0
HP’s latest laptop becomes massive hit among tech fans

HP designed a new laptop which is sold for only $200. They named it Stream 11. Its screen is 11 inches, which is good for that price. Everyone is curious to find out what kind of laptop is that. So, here we made a short review of it.

The first surprise follows when you boot the laptop for the first time. It only takes it five minutes together with the time for the last steps of the whole installation process of Windows 8.1, synchronization of all the settings, and signing up to the Microsoft account. This is expected to take a little longer, so is a good sign.

The start-up performance looks quite good, but it is not the case with the screen and the trackpad. It really needs improvement in these features.

It works with a resolution of 1366×768. It works fine for browsing the Web, but using a browser more seriously requires a display with quite higher resolution. It is not a touch screen, but having in mind that the trackpad needs improvements, sometimes you would wish it to be a touch screen device.

You will be surprised of the outside look of this HP Stream 11. Not for the performances it offers, but for the features it offers for that price. The keyboard is quite good and the keys are soft and sponge-like. It is completely made of plastic, but it can freely bear a few drops on it. There are two USB ports, one 2.0 and another 3.0, an HDMI and an SD card reader, which makes this laptop interesting for you.


HP Stream 11 was announced in July, when the COO Kevin Turner from Microsoft said that they will launch a device that will cost only $200 exactly before the holidays. Everyone was excited about this device and finally it is launched and you can order it on Amazon immediately.

However, you can not expect a device of $200 to have high specifications. It is designed for basic computing and basic tasks, such as checking e-mail and browsing on the Internet. If you need a laptop for intensive work on it, we do not recommend HP Stream 11, because it is simply not designed to perform such tasks.

It runs on 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron processor and has only 2GB RAM. The battery averagely lasts for 8.25 hours. Its drive is 32GB. Apart from this, it also includes Office 365 Personal one year for free with unlimited storage on OneDrive.

HP Stream 11 is part of Microsoft’s effort to launch cheap tablets and laptops that run on Chrome or Android. They also removed the fee for tablets smaller than 9 inches and introduced the free version of Windows.


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