Find a new Laptop for a Reasonable Price

Jasmina Lozevska January 19, 2015 0
Find a new Laptop for a Reasonable Price

When you buy any household appliance you should consider the price, and the same goes for buying a laptop. A laptop is expected to last for the next several years or more, that’s why people should consider the best bargain for them and choose a value for money laptop. Here are some advice to consider when buying a new laptop.

One of the important features about a laptop is the size. Screen size is always related to resolution. Let us think about it in this way. The range of size of laptops is usually between 11 inches and 17 inches, though there are several models that go beyond and under this limit. As the size of the screen increases, the resolution should increase accordingly. This means that the resolution of 10 to 13 inch-laptops should not be less than 1366 x 768, while laptops which are 17 to 18 inches should have resolution of at least 1920 x 1080. The same goes with weight. The larger the screen is, the heavier the laptop. For every 2-inch increase, you should expect an increase in weight of a pound. However, the most recent laptops are quite slim and they are exceptions of this rule. Even though they have large resolution they are not very heavy.


Another important thing is to know what features you are looking for. Laptops nowadays contain a lot of features and you do not need everything. One basic feature that most surely everyone needs is a USB 3.0 flash drive. SD card reader is also a basic feature that everyone needs. There are notebooks that do not include SD card reader due to the moving technology and smart devices. Touchscreen laptop is a recent technology, but no one knows if it will be unnecessary in a year or two. As you do not buy a laptop for only one year, you should probably consider this feature as necessary in your choice.

Before buying a laptop, you should also ask yourself several questions. First of all you have to define the reason why you need a laptop. If you need it only for basic use such as video streaming, calling your mother, you should consider the mainstream laptops and those that are not very expensive. Gamers and travelers should probably think about an Ultrabook. However, the primary function of your laptop will most surely tell you which way to look for. The look is sometimes less important for people, however, laptops come in different designs and colors, so everyone’s taste is satisfied. And the last, but not the least important is the price and your budget.

We believe that if you consider the abovementioned, you will definitely choose the best laptop for you.

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